“I remember when I was little, back in the '60s, my Mom would take me to visit Jedko and Babka at their third-floor apartment on Broad Street (New Britain). I can still remember the old-world, immigrant scent of that building and the apartment. It usually was the smell of a good, home-cooked Russian or Polish meal. Jedko used to fry up liver and onions and I remember he used to sit in his rocker out by the front room, overlooking Broad Street and the bustle of old New Britain.” Dennis Buden, grandson of Paul and Mary Zuk

(At left Mary Zuk, aka Babka, on the back porch at 180 Broad Street. The building still stands today.)
"I have many wonderful memories of Oak Street (New Britain) as I spent many years there with my grandparents. My grandfather teaching me to play setback...always sitting on the porch on the second floor just gazing over the grandmother's cooking. I would stay with them during the summer, and grandma would leave 35 cents next to my bed when she went to work so I could buy candy at the corner store." Kathy Novack Belanger, great granddaughter of Paul and Mary Zuk, granddaughter of Natalie and Peter Zuk, daughter of Anne Zuk Novack and David Novack

(At right, left to right, Paul and Mary Zuk, and Natalie and Peter Zuk, play with Kathy's older brother David Novak in the Oak Street family back yard, June, 1956.)
"There are so many little stories and memories. Babka taking the immigration exam and answering 'cow' when asked what a dangerous animal was...playing under Babka's kitchen table - there were always toys and crayons for us in the drawer in the china Babka and Jedko had to bring down the big bathtub from upstairs and fill it with hot water to take a bath...waiting for Jedko to come home from work after 3, going to the movies with him in Downtown New Britain and collecting the dishes they used to give away. Jedko would always say, 'Well, they have Broadway in New York, but I have my Broadway right here in New Britain.'" Nancy Sachok McGuire, granddaughter of Paul and Mary Zuk, daughter of Toni Zuk Sachok and George Sachok

(At left, Nancy Sachok McGuire with her Mom, Toni Zuk Sachok, in the 180 Broad Street backyard looking south. Notice the Sacred Heart church spire in the background.)

"When we were growing up on Barnes Street, Ma would often talk on the phone with her mother or sisters Toni and Natalie. It would be a crazy mix of Russian and English. We would hear Ma used words like 'cada' (car) and 'boos' (bus) and 'strit' (street). We used to call it 'Broad Street Russian.'" Mike Buden, grandson of Paul and Mary Zuk, son of Nancy Zuk Buden and Stanley Buden 

(At right, clockwise from bottom left, Mike Buden, Christine Buden Rybczynski, Bill Buden and Dan Buden at 115 Barnes Street, circa 1957.)