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This section of the Zuk Family website is intended to be a repository of a wide variety of historical documents and records that can share light on our family's journey from Europe to America. It is hoped that the list of available records will grow with time. Please come back periodically to check on updates and additions that will help make our family's history come alive - and help you reconnect with your heritage.

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This ship sailed from Danzig, Poland on September 18, 1928 and arrived in New York Harbor on September 30. Aboard were Paul (Pawel/Jedko) Zuk, Natalia Zuk (age 17) and
Antonina Zuk (age 14). Mary (Babka), Anastasia and Nina would arrive one year later.

This ship sailed from Danzig, Poland on September 25, 1929 and arrived in New York Harbor on October 9. Aboard were Marja (Mary/Babka, age 40), Anastasia Zuk (age 7) and Nina Zuk (age 4). Two weeks later, the New York stock market would crash.

This copy of a hand-documented census form was recorded on April 4, 1930. It lists numerous New Britainities living on Broad Street, including the Zuk family in a brick, three-story, multi-family dwelling that still stands at 180 Broad Street today. Note that Paul Zuk (Jedko) is listed incorrectly as Joseph. The apartment includes Peter Zuk, by this time husband of Natalie Zuk. Paul (Joseph?) is listed as 39 years of age, Mary 38 (the passenger list from the prior year listed her as 40), Natalie 22, Toni 18, Anastasia 7 and Nina 4. This census was taken a mere 6 months after Mary, Anastasia and Nina's arrival in America. Paul is listed as a "laborer" in a bearing factory (Fafnir Bearing) and Peter Zuk - at age 38 only one year younger than his father-in-law - is listed as a laborer in a lock shop.

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